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Hera Hub Interview with Hadley Wood 

Each week Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub, interviews incredible business women from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines for Hera Hub’s new podcast She Means Business. Her goal is simple… tell the amazing stories of how these women came to launch and grow their business. She uncovers their secrets to success and their advice to others who are launching a new adventure. Subscribe to She Means Business on iTunes here.

Hadley Wood is a business insurance professional, specializing in risk management for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  She has been working with a variety of clients since 2003 and works with over 300 insurance carriers.  She is the owner of H. Linwood Insurance Services Inc. in Carlsbad and loves the daily challenges the insurance world brings.

Visit this page to hear the full interview with Hadley.

SDVoyager - San Diego 

SDVoyager features San Diego's most inspiring stories. Read Hadley's inspiring story here.


Join us today for Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Hadley Wood, President at H. Linwood Insurance Services, Inc. (Listen here or over at BlogTalkRadio)

Go Legal Yourself!

Today I’m joined with special guest Hadley Wood from H Linwood Insurance Services. Business insurance is so overlooked and missed by so many people because it’s not top of mind. Today Hadley will prove that wrong. It’s one of the cornerstones of running a successful business - but it’s necessary. (Listen here or over at Go Legal Yourself)


Press release featured on InsuranceJournal.

San Diego Veterans Magazine - April 2023

My April "Risky Business" Column for San Diego Veterans Magazine discusses the challenges and risks with working with children. 

San Diego Veterans Magazine - March 2023

My March "Risky Business" Column for San Diego Veterans Magazine discusses important Business Auto Coverages.

San Diego Veterans Magazine - May 2023

My "Risky Business" Column in San Diego Veterans Magazine discusses the importance of Cyber Liability insurance.

San Diego Veterans Magazine - June 2023

In my June "Risky Business" Column for San Diego Veterans Magazine, I discuss Business Funk, Slumps and Bumps and tools to assist getting through the tough times. 

San Diego Veterans Magazine - Feb 2023

In my February column of "Risky Business", I discuss toxic workplace risks, harrassment in the workplace and EPLI coverage

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What Our Customers Are Saying... 

“It's like this working with Hadley: Professional, precise, patient, purposeful, pretty much perfect!
In the short time we have worked together, she has excelled with every single one of my clients, and brought them ALL such peace of mind.
She IS the call I make. Thank you, Hadley!”  
-Sara N

“When I first approached Hadley to get business insurance I was, honestly, a little scared. She helped make me feel better about it and helped me understand what I needed and why I needed it. My favorite part was when she told me what I didn't need. This told me that she really IS looking out for my best interest and that it was about her integrity and not about her making money. Although she wants to make money, it wasn't going to be at my expense due to my lack of knowledge and my ignorance about business insurance products. I trust her with all of my insurance needs.”
-Lynda W

“I am so happy that I was introduced to Hadley regarding insurance for my technology business. She is so knowledgeable, listened intently to my needs, and provided such a fitting product that was loads better protection vs. what I was receiving from a different insurance provider. Thank you Hadley for giving me the peace of mind that my business is as well protected as possible!”
-Patty L

“I have been working with H. Linwood for over 6 years now and they have continuously saved my company thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. I was able to take that savings and increase my marketing and now my company is doing better than ever.  I am so thankful that you are on my ‘team’ of support.” 
-Melonie T

“I was referred to H. Linwood a few years ago when I started my business.  They helped me understand what my company needed to protect itself and explained the process to me.  They made the whole experience painless, easy and affordable.  I now refer them to all of my business associates and they have thanked me!” 
-Brad B

“I am in construction and need certificates immediately.  I love that I can make one call and have what I need – sometimes within minutes. Thanks for the great customer service!” 
-Scott M